Friday, August 24, 2012

Tomatoes everywhere -- Celebrity and Mortgage Lifter in abundance!

What a year this has been for tomatoes here in southeastern Massachusetts. Here are pictures of the tomatoes I had on hand yesterday. These were ripening in the dining room on the sideboard:

And in the garage, sharing company with some Red Zeppelin onions:

And in the wheelbarrow,  stripped off four plants I'd just pulled up (they were  yellowing and dying back).

I sorted through all the ripe Celebrity tomatoes and blanched and froze a batch.
Here's how I did it. First I cored then, then I put them in rolling water for about a minute:

The skins slipped off easily after this hot bath, and I laid the whole skinned and cored tomatoes out on a sheet pan to freeze:

The next morning I stacked the frozen tomatoes into a sturdy rubbermaid container. I'm looking forward to a winter of delicious tomato sauce and chili!

Meanwhile, we are eating fresh Mortgage Lifter tomatoes morning, noon and night. We're not sick of them yet, but there are a lot more on the vine. When it gets to that point, I bring them to work and share them with my customers and co-workers. Most people don't want squash, but they are happy to get a vine ripened heirloom tomato.

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